The radiation meter for everybody from specialists to amateur

The ALPHAiX 3000 also has the sensitivity and accuracy of a much more expensive laboratory system:

  • Alpha radiation of more than 1.9 MeV
  • Beta radiation of more than 0.09 MeV
  • Gamma radiation of more than 0.01 MeV


Radioactivity in this world is on the increase, and that not only since Tschernobyl. Even under best circumstances, every nuclear facility emits radioactivity ranging from 50.000 to 100.000 curie1 Ci – 37 x 1010 Bg) annually. Even among experts there are many differing opinions as to the risks of radioactive materials and their radia­tion. And the most disturbing fact is that human beings have no sensory organ to detect radiation – one has to employ a Geiger Counter to determine whether radiation is more or less dangerous!
The ALPHAiX 3000 is just such a digital counter onto which various counter tubes can be attached, depending on the field of application or the kind of radiation to be measured. It was designed for portability and therefore only measures a convenient 12 x 6.5 x 3 cm – it is pocket-sized. Its high performance microelectronics is encased in a shock-resistant plastic housing and meets all the requirements for modern day radiation measuring gauges.

The ALPHAiX 3000 only uses counter tubes which can be calibrated and have an operational lifetime of 5 X 1010 pulses which corresponds to a service life of approx. 10 years. Different counter tubes are available, but for the novice and amateur an A–type counter tube will suffice – it detects all three kinds of radiation and is used primarily at tertiary institutions for education purposes.
The G-type end-window counter tube is 4 times more sensitive than the A-type and is used in laboratories – this version has the most versatility.

The FS-type immersion counter tube is optimized for measurements in liquids, powders, herbs and other bulk materials. It is waterproof and washable, and therefore eminently suitable for this kind of application.

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