Evanet - Crash Checker
Evanet - Crash checker

CRASH-CHECK® – It’s so easy – Just place – Press button – Finished!

Accident damage and/or rust spots on cars are always repaired by adding at least one new coat of paint and often body-filler is used as well to smooth out the uneven surface of the damaged body panel before it is coated with a new layer of paint. This means that the coating of the damaged vehicle is always thicker than in its original state.

The CRASH-CHECK® can determine this difference quickly and reliably:Just place the CRASH-CHECK® on the body of the car and press the red button.The CRASH-CHECK® will show you what others cannot see through the perfect paint layer on any spot of the car (This does not apply to plastic and aluminium body panels).The green lamp indicates that the car still has its original coat of paint.The orange lamp indicates that the layer of paint on the car is very thick and that the car might have been re-sprayed.The red lamp indicates that the paint coat is thicker than usual – the car has been involved in an accident, rust spots have been concealed and/or body-filler has been applied.

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