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The CrackFinder® X5

The CrackFinder® X5 performs a speedy non-destructive recognition and identification of cracks on all ferromagnetic steels, iron materials and aluminium. Crack measurements of up to 5 mm crack depth are possible with this gauge. And it will also measure corrosion and paint coating thicknesses of up to a maximum of 10 mm.

The X5 is ideal for risk-free inspections of gas piping, pipes, pressure tanks, etc as it detects the cracks without the need for a plant shut down! Apart from avoiding costly down time, the CrackFinder uses a measuring technique which does not require dangerous X- or Gamma rays, and does not magnetise any ferromagnetic steel parts under inspection, such as encountered with the magnetic particle inspection principle.

Crack search and measurement with the CrackFinder® X5

By manually scanning with the sensor of the CrackFinder® X5, it accurately finds cracks on all aluminium and ferromagnetic materials such as steel piping, steel pressure tanks, steel boilers, steel constructions, etc. This gauge not only detects cracks in material under inspection in no time at all, but it can also measure and determine the depth of the crack through a 3 – 4 mm thick insulating layer (only for steel)! Cracks can also be located and traced through a corrosion or paint layer of up to a max. thickness of 10 mm – so, the crack does not need to be linked to the surface of the test piece, it can be traced underneath any non-magnetic coating!

The innovative measuring technique employed, is an indispensable aid for preventive maintenance and production processes, enabling the user to pinpoint cracks with ease and speed which in turn saves the user time and great costs from possible accidents occurring. The X5 has a wide range of application in the petro-chemical industry, chemical industry, gas industry, power generation industry, undercarriage industry, for general inspections on heavy machinery, etc.

Characteristics of the CrackFinder® X5:

  • Application for crack detection on tubes, pipelines, boilers, constructions, wheels-rims, containers, etc. from steel or aluminium.
  • Crack localisation and reliable measurement of crack depth.
  • Crack detection not influenced by corrosion, paint and/or insulating layers of up to a maximum of 10 mm.
  • Fast, safe and problem-free crack detection with intelligent technology.
  • High cost reduction due to timely repair potential.
  • Suitable for finding hair-line cracks and determining metal fatigue.
  • No need for consumables, such as couplants, dye-penetrants, etc.
  • Quick amortisation of purchase price when used to conduct preventative maintenance.

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